Retailers are always searching for new ways to enhance a customer’s shopping experience, increase the customer’s satisfaction and promote customer loyalty.  Self-shopping enables retailers to introduce technology that improves sales and cuts costs by allowing customers to take charge of their own shopping and enjoy the experience. 

Self-shopping solutions enable shoppers to obtain the information they need without the help of a store associate by accessing in-store devices, displays and kiosks.  It is even possible for the customer to obtain this information directly on their own personal smart phone (inside or outside of the store).

Some of the offerings include applications that enable mobile shopping, product location (always a popular choice!), price confirmation, gift registry and self-checkout.  All of this is accessible through the in-store Wi-Fi, which allows shoppers to receive specific store or product information as well as in-store promotions.  Customers can have net prices and discounts in real-time!

One of the benefits of Self-shopping is a fast check out process which allows the customer to ‘pre-scan’ the items they are purchasing with their portable device (such as a Joya pod or a Smartphone) before they get up to the register.  


Joya™ X1

The Joya X1 device is Datalogic’s pod used for Self-shopping solutions.  It offers cutting-edge technology and advanced performance in an ergonomic form factor that is easy to use. The Joya pod makes shopping faster, allowing customers to save time.  Its exclusive design, light weight and easy handling make the Joya X1 device the ideal companion for a fun and exciting shopping experience. Joya can be used for Queue-Busting service. Associates use Joya to perform the scanning and bagging portion of the transaction before the customer arrives to the POS.  Queue-busting elevates the customer experience with a dramatically reduced transaction time.  

Self-Shopping - Joya™ X1

Joya™ X1

Self-Shopping Device



Shopevolution is Datalogic’s Self-shopping middleware, developed on the newest and fastest Java architecture while supporting Windows and other operation systems such as Linux.Shopevolution can easily be integrated with all front or back office systems, as well as with all POS, self-payment or loyalty applications. Shopevolution’s architecture supports the Datalogic Joya (all models) as well as other devices and smartphones.

Self-Shopping - Shopevolution™


Middleware for Self-Shopping